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visitor                                                                                             social butterfly

info centres                                                                                                Find us on Facebook,
WHY NOT STOP BY AND SAY HELLO TO OUR FRIENDLY TOURISM                                                     Instagram and Twitter.
                                                                                                                  We’d love to hear how
02 6372 1020                                       AVAILABLE AT THE CENTRE                                   #MudgeeRegion reset your                         Free wi-fi for travellers                          senses. During your stay, share                              Local event ticket sales                         images on facebook by posting to
                                                      Local produce, ideal for take home gifts           our timeline or #MudgeeRegion
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                                                      Public amenities                                          via Instagram + Twitter.

MUDGEE                                             RYLSTONE                                                Cover Story
Open 7 days: 9am to 5pm                            Open: Friday, Saturday + Sunday 10am to 4pm
84 Market Street, Mudgee NSW 2850                  Coffee Concrete, 47 Louee Street,                    With our Regions country charm
02 6372 1020                                       Rylstone NSW 2849                                   and sophisticated food and drink,
                                                   02 6379 1345
GULGONG                                                                                                     Mudgee locals Katie – May +
Open: Friday 10am to 3pm, Saturday 10am to 3pm,    KANDOS                                              Dane Batty, Kylie + Ben Edmunds,
Sunday 10am to 1pm                                 Open 5 Days Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 4pm          Summer Land + Paul Jongsma love
The Shanty, 66 Herbert Street, Gulgong NSW 2852    Kandos Museum, 22 Buchanan Street (Free wi-fi)       gathering their family + friends
02 6374 2691                                       Kandos NSW 2848 02 6379 4600                      together for special occasions. Our
                                                                                                        culinary delights, award winning
2 visitor info centres | VISITMUDGEEREGION.COM.AU                                                    wine, wide open spaces and endless
                                                                                                       views make for the ideal getaway
                                                                                                      with your loved ones. If our locals

                                                                                                                     love it, so will you.

                                                                                                              Thank you

                                                                                                                Photos by: Amber Hooper
                                                                                                    Set styled + catered by: Mudgee Made
                                                                                                   Ladies styled by: Cherry Red Boutique,
                                                                                                   The Beauty Room + Little Hair Boutique
                                                                                                     Local contributions: Domayn Events,

                                                                                                        Mudgee Honey Haven, High Valley
                                                                                                   Cheese, Pipeclay Pump House Produce,

                                                                                                                     548 Burnbrae Lager
                                                                                                             Local super stars: Katie-May
                                                                                                       + Dane Batty, Kylie + Ben Edmunds,
                                                                                                            Summer Land + Paul Jongsma
                                                                                                       Front Cover Location: Amongst the
                                                                                                      Shiraz vines at Petersons of Mudgee
                                                                                                           Back Cover Location: Sunset at

                                                                                                                          Moothi Estate
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