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ROBERTSON PARK completed in ways making the original and extensive renovations were carried out over
(OPPOSITE VISITOR CENTRE) the additions difficult to identify. The first 2012-2013. It now houses the re-furbished
Market Square was the original name and Post Office, though not on this site, was built library and a magnificent theatre where
in April 1846, the site of the first Mudgee in 1840. movies are shown on a monthly basis,
Show. Take time to reflect at the 1914-1918 concerts of world renowned quality, book
War Memorial. Band Rotunda - built in 1903 DEAR, LONERAGAN AND HOGAN, launches and the like to name a few, are
to honour Sir John Robertson, Premier, and SOLICITORS held. The lamp posts nearby are designed to
Member for Mudgee. Those who served in 70 Market Street (next to Big W). This hold gas lamps.
the African Conflict (The Boer War 1899- double storied building was originally a
1902) are also honoured here. Restored CBC Bank (Commercial Banking Company HANNAFORD COX CONNELLAN +
by the Shire Council it holds National Trust of Sydney), later to become part of NAB MCFARLAND SOLICITORS
classification. (National Australia Banking Company). The 62 Market Street. This was built in the late
CBC opened in Mudgee in 1864 and closed in 1920s and occupied by the State Bank of
POST OFFICE 1974. This building was erected in 1884 and New South Wales, at the time called the
Corner of Market and Perry Streets; named holds National Trust classification. Rural Bank of New South Wales from about
as The Post and Telegraph Office, the original 1935. This building holds classification by
building was erected in the 1860s. Over THE TOWN HALL BUILDING the National Trust.
time there have been several additions, Market Street (next door). Built in 1880 and
also holding National Trust classifications,


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