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THE ANGLICAN PARISH CHURCH OF SAINT 1911 the steeple was added. It is believed is now part of the shops on the corner of
JOHN THE BAPTIST the spire is the third highest in New South Church and Mortimer Streets. Turn left into
Corner Market and Church Streets. This Wales. The church has a beautiful mix of Perry Street.
magnificent church was completed in 1861 Gothic and Byzantine architecture. The
and replaced the 1841 building. acclaimed artist George de Pyro painted PERRY STREET HOTEL
The church contains excellent examples “The Stations of the Cross”, noted for their Corner Perry and Gladstone Streets.
of stained glass and the church itself is colour and realism and are regarded amongst Formerly the Mechanics Institute and
classified by the National Trust. the best in the country. Visitors are always erected in 1865, The Perry Street Hotel
The church is open daily for private prayer welcome. was previously branded De Russie Suites.
and reflection. Mechanic’s Institutes originated in England
LONERAGAN’S STORE and were centres for technical education,
THE CLOCK TOWER Church Street (just past pedestrian that is the trades. They housed libraries
Intersection Church and Market Streets. The crossing). This retail outlet, similar to and were often the centre of a town’s social
clock tower was donated by Mr Ivan Adams Kellett’s, was originally a department store. life. In fact it is recorded that Henry Lawson
as a War Memorial. Turn left into Church The store first opened in 1870 (next to The used the library here regularly. It also
Street. Lawson Park Hotel) and moved in 1873 to appears to have housed The Mudgee School
the present location. The complex is now of Arts at some stage and was used as the
THE REGENT PICTURE THEATRE subdivided into several stores. With the Mudgee Municipal Library during the 1950s.
Church Street. The Regent Theatre opened arrival of major national chains, Loneragan’s Now regarded as one of the country’s top
on Wednesday 21st August 1935 designed finally closed their doors in 1984. boutique hotels (Gourmet Traveller magazine
by Douglas Smith, the theatre was originally 2014). Head back towards Market Street.
designed to accommodate live presentations. KELLY’S IRISH PUB
It hosted the world premiere of The Nugget Corner Church and Mortimer Streets. THE MUDGEE GUARDIAN
which was filmed in and around Mudgee and Formerly The Mudgee, The Waratah, The NEWSPAPER BUILDING
starred Australian celebrities Eric Bana, Sydney Hotel and before that at one time 9 Perry Street. First published in 1890 it
Stephen Curry, Belinda Emmett among Lamont’s General Store which was one of has continued, though under several owners
others. The theatre accommodated 986 the earliest stores in Mudgee. Apparently (currently the Fairfax Group) to deliver good
people, and is a rare example of an Art Deco Lamont’s boasted a fully tailored men’s suit news and bad to Mudgee Region.
Theatre. in six hours. Turn left into Mortimer Street.
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Corner Mortimer and Lewis Streets. Built in Co Court is one of the oldest known original
Corner of Church and Market Street. The 1876, it is one of the few hotels in Mudgee hotel buildings still standing in Mudgee. Built
Presbytery was built in 1851 and along which has traded under the same name since in the late 1850s, it was well known as an
with the Church are both classified by opening. overnight stop for the Cobb + Co Royal Mail
the National Trust. The original church Coaches. It was a substantial brick building,
was demolished and replaced with a THE UNITING CHURCH with the restaurant section being used to
sandstone building in 1860. This, except 89 Mortimer Street. Formerly the Methodist house the Cobb + Co coaches and store fodder
for the sanctuary and vestry, was in turn Church, built in 186-1864 and holding for the horses. For 2 shillings a traveller
demolished and replaced with the present National Trust classification. A Wesleyan could obtain bed and breakfast, and it cost 8
body of the church in 1873 to 1876. In Chapel was built here in about 1853 and shillings to stable 2 horses.

The Post and Telegraph Office Town Hall and Hannaford Cox Connellan and McFarland

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